BTL marketing for Wroclaw’s ZOO

New armoured rhino in Wroclaw's Zoo

Wroclaw’s ZOO has a new “kid” in the house. A young Indian rhinoceros named Tarun, has just arrived to Poland less than 2 weeks ago. I would have never found out about it, if there weren’t 3 giant transportation boxes in the city, like those from “Madgascar” animated movie. Every time I passed by them, I had a smile on my face.

BTL activity for Wroclaw's ZOO

One of the giant transportation boxes

First, I saw one of these huge boxes with a Zoo inscription on it near the airport, but I didn’t pay attention to it. But when I saw 2 other boxes in 2 different locations, pretty crowded, I thought there must be something special about this “phenomenon”. Guess what, it wasn’t just a box. It had a small hole, like an eyehole highlighted by a red arrow, through which you could look inside and see almost a real rhino in it. It was a 3D image of a rhino that made it look so natural.

I really liked this BTL activity of Wroclaw’s Zoo, but I had the impression that something is missing there, concerning the feedback of this promotional campaign. I visited their Facebook page and they had a photo contest about these giant transportation boxes, it was really nice, but the question is how do people find out about the contest? They missed a great opportunity to bring new visitors on their official website and Facebook page. My opinion is that they should have printed on the boxes their internet pages, through which visitors can properly “get in touch” with them, to read more about the new resident of the Zoo, participate at their contests and then let the “word of mouth” work for them.

By the way, Wroclaw’s Zoo is very active in social media, their Facebook page is updated and they are regularly organizing contests, posting news and pictures. Nowadays New Media Advertising is one of the most efficient promoting instruments.

Another BTL activity of Wroclaw’s ZOO that pleasantly surprised me is the special event “Cooking for Rhinos”, that took place in the middle of September at one of the local restaurants. There the General Manager of the ZOO, Radosław Ratajszczak, found himself in a new role – Chief of Indian cuisine. So, the guests of the event had some special Indian dishes from the Zoo’s GM.

I hope these teasing activities increased the number of visitors, because the ideas were brilliant. In my case they worked, I paid a visit to Taruna and other Zoo inhabitants. I enjoyed going to Wroclaw’s Zoo, I spent there almost 4 hours, if not the rain I could have stayed there more.

I warmly recommend you to visit Wroclaw’s ZOO!

Taruna- newcomer at Wroclaw’s Zoo

Source: Wroclaw’s Zoo

A little moment of tenderness

The cutest bears ever, they were walking like dancing

Lions are enjoying their siesta time

A hungry suricate at Wroclaw’s Zoo 😀

The ugliest bird I’ve ever seen 😀

Lazy bear

Lunch time for giraffes

Source: Wroclaw’s Zoo