Letter to Santa Claus

by OlyaBalan

Dear Santa,

This year my letter will be short.

I wish health, harmony, happiness for me and for my beloved people.

From all the Christmas presents I’ve ever received, I remember and treasure a very special one. When I was 18 I’ve got an unique diary designed to keep inside 100 dreams of my life, one dream per page. It was the best gift for a dreamer like me. This magnificent source of motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration is like a “nightstand book” for me. Even if I’m not opening it every day, I can easily visualise my biggest dreams before falling asleep. And in the mornings I have new ideas for my sweet diary.

And now, Santa, I’d like to share with you some of my dreams.

I wish I have a magical sleigh like yours and be able to visit my family and friends more often. I wish they could come to me here in Wroclaw, because the city is amazing. I wish we all could have enough time for spending it together, having fun, being crazy, playing games and board games as well. Oh, I’d give anything right now for an “Alias” or “The settlers of Catan” game with my friends.

One of my biggest dream is to have a house with attic. Now I’m living in a such a house, I can enjoy the first rays of sunshine from my roof windows and I can hear the rhythm of the raindrops on my walls. I wish a library attic, but as far as I’m like a “nestless bird”, traveling from one place to another I cannot walk around carrying all my books with me. I feel sad when I have to leave my books somewhere without light and air, closed in boxes stored in the basement. I don’t want to betray my books, I’d like to have them with me, so I could return to them whenever I feel like. Even if I need to touch the book properly, to feel it’s smell, I think a Kindle could help me “to restore” the relationship with my books.

And now the last, but not the least, I wish I could bring back to life some precious things I’ve done during all my childhood. Suddenly and inexplicably, all those fantasies, which made me become a colorful minded kid, immortalized on drawings vanished away. They are alive just in my memories. I want to give them a second life, I hope that with a simple set for painting, some watercolors and brushes I’ll be able to face this challenge.