Best from the Night of the AdEaters 2012

by OlyaBalan

Friday night was a long one. I attended “The Night of the AdEaters 2012” in Wroclaw, almost 6 hours of commercials from all over the world.

I’m an Ad Eater and not just because I occasionally attend events like this, but because I’m fond of commercials. I can watch them for hours, for this reason more than half of the commercials from the show I’ve already seen.

I should admit I had higher expectations towards “The Night of the AdEaters 2012”, still I enjoyed the event. What kind of expectations I had, you would ask? I’ll tell you:

Firstly, I expected to see more ads that I’ve never seen. I expected to see a logical categorization of the commercials, not hundreds of TV spots randomly shown, a categorization by time, by brand, by country. There were advertisements from all the times, from ’70 to nowadays. I would have preferred to watch them in an order or at least have them grouped into chunks. Still there was a “category”, the commercials inspired by Star Wars were shown all together. It would have had a greater impact on me if the organizers made public the name of the ads’ authors, at least the production companies or the advertising agencies that worked on those commercials.

I discovered some impressive social ads.

WWF- Word Wildlife Fund
“We are all connected” Campaign

ARA- Industry Association for Responsible Alcohool use
“Who said one more drink won’t hurt?” Campaign

I couldn’t find this ad on internet, so I’ll try to describe it in few words. There is a little boy preparing breakfast and then a little blond girl appears. The commercial seems to be very optimistic, it’s so nice to see how a kids care about each other, but instantly this happy moment turns into sadness, when the little boy opens the door of his mother’s room and sees her sleeping after a hard drinking clubbing night.

Another social campaign that impressed me is called “Report it or it will happen again”. I couldn’t find it on internet as well. As far as I remember it was a Mexican campaign, but I’m not sure. It were several spots, in each spot it was shown various cases of robbery. This campaign would be very appropriate in my country, too. It remembered me a situation that happened to my family, while I was travelling. More than three years ago, some thieves stole from the basement of my house some expensive tools. My family didn’t report it. Some weeks later the same thieves returned and stole 2 bikes from the basement, mine and my brother’s. Again, my family didn’t report it. I know the police from my country are not reliable, but if people won’t start reporting all the iniquities, it is going to happen again.

Enough with the social campaigns, here are my favorite commercials from the Night of the AdEaters 2012:

Israel Country Branding
“Size doesn’t matter. Israel small country. Big ideas” Campaign

Car advertisements

The same idea on two different markets for two different models of Renault cars.

Renault Clio Commercial for Dutch market

Renault Sandero Stepway Commercial for Russian market

And now last but not least, I’d like to present you a Romanian commercial that aroused lots of laughs and applauses during the Night of the AdEaters 2012 in Wroclaw.

IQads- All about advertising
“Advertising is part of our life” Campaign