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Month: September, 2012

Prague: The City of Kafka

“Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old”

Franz Kafka

Bird's-eye view of Prague

Breathtaking view over Prague from Petřín Hill Observation Tower, it is a small tribute to the Eiffel Tower


Two backpackers kissing in Prague

Love in Prague

Street artists at Prague Castle

Street performance at Prague Castle

Hand made 3D stereo postcards

Hand made 3D stereo postcards, based on the concept of a binocle

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral

High Cathedral walls

Stained glass in St. Vitus Cathedral

Amazing stained glass in St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castel's walls

Prague Castel’s walls

Peaceful Prague

Funny magnets

Colorful small buildings in miniature

These colorful souvenirs reminded me about Wroclaw

Czech angels

Czech angels


Me and my best friend in Prague

Discovering Prague together with my best friend

 Vltava River in Prague

Vltava River in Prague

Prague by night

Amazing Prague by night


Horseback riding and zorbing in Poland

I’m completely in love with the mountains. I can go there every season and enjoy it to the full. In winter it is about skiing, in summer it is about fresh air and cool weather. This fall I discovered some other exciting things you can do in the mountains, like horseback riding and zorbing.

Afera, a great horse

Afera, a great horse

Last weekend, our “entertaining mentors”, 3 polish ex-Erasmus students that take care about our “night life” and cultural experience here in Wroclaw, organized for us a trip to Duszniki-Zdrój, one of the most popular health resorts from Poland. There are some natural sparkling waters, that are used in treatment of a variety of illnesses. The Spa town is located close to the border with the Czech Republic, in the valley of Bystrzyca Dusznicka river, between the Orlickie and Bystrzyckie mountains. The altitude of the place does not exceed 600 metres, still the landscape is charming and you can feel the mountain climate. The surrounding hillsides are covered with spruce and beech forests.

Rancho Panderoza

Rancho Panderoza in Duszniki Zdroj

In the heart of the forest it is a farm called Rancho Panderoza. We’ve spent a great Sunday there. It was the first horseback riding experience for the most of us, so we started with a short training. We were tought the basics of the western style of horseback riding.  We’ve seen some of the best competition horses from Poland, they were so peaceful and calm, unable to do any harm.

The best competition horse in Poland

The best competition horse in Poland

Some years ago I got on a horse, it was amazing, but I cannot call it riding, because the horse was guided by his mistress. This time was totally different, after the training we went for a horseback ride through the forest. It was something between delight, fear and pain, but at the end it all turned into an incredible adventure.

Horse called Afera

Let me introduce you my favorite horse, Afera 🙂

Horseback riding training

Horseback riding trainning

Western style of horseback riding

Rancho Panderoza

Duszniki-Zdrój, Poland

Rancho Panderoza

Rancho Panderoza

Sledges from Rancho Panderoza

These sledges wait for the snow to come

Almost like Santa's sleigh

Almost like Santa’s sleigh

Great landscape in Duszniki-Zdrój

Great landscape in Duszniki-Zdrój

Then followed zorbing, also called globe-riding, that equals laughs and screems. First establised in New Zeeland, this type of  sport and out door activity consists of rolling downhill in an sphere, generally made of transparent and flexible plastic. The orb from Duszniki Zdroj was not transparent and looked like a giant football ball. There was place for two riders inside the zorb, so we entered by two and for 3 minutes we felt ourselves austronauts, it was really fun. In the zorbing homeland, people of all ages enjoying this sport are called zorbonauts 🙂

Zorbing in Poland

Zorbing in Poland

Running for the giant football zorb

Running for the giant football zorb

Zorbs have been adopted as a symbol of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. According to the Russian Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the zorbing ball’s concept of openness fits well with the motto of the big event – “Gateway to the Future.”  And also the transparency of zorbs also reflect the accessible and inclusive society that Sochi 2014 Games is helping to build.

What else can I say, outdoor activities are lifegiving!




Biedronka, the polish word for “ladybug”

Window with flowers

Love flowers at the windows

Colors, lights, music and advertising on water

It has passed already 2 weeks since I’m in Poland. By now Wroclaw exceeded my expectations. This place can be easily called “a rainbow city”. Its colorful spirit keeps surprising me.

First it was Rynek, the market square in Wroclaw that left me speechless. The buildings surrounding the square look like fairy tale houses. The distinctive style and the bold colors of the facades give to the city center a special charm. These beautiful houses reflect happiness and probably make the people living there be more happy. Some collegues of mine are going to rent a flat in that area, lucky them 🙂

Then it was a spectacular view out of my window, a real light show in “an unreal place”. The dormitory in front of ours became a dance floor for colorful lights. The colors out of the windows were changing in an amazing rithm. Later I found out that this is a part of a students’s project from Wrocław University of Technology, called P.I.W.O, in translation from Polish it means “beer”, but it can be abbreviated as “B.E.E.R- Big Electronic Entertainment Renderer”. The project is based on an innovative building illumination system, the idea of the project is to transform the buildings, in this case the dorms, into enormous displays. More about this project you can read here.

Amazing, right? But as I understood What we have seen last week was just a rehearsal. Watch how Polish Technology Students mess with Dormitory Lights in a hard way 🙂 This show took place in 2009, now I’m just waiting for the next one.

Well, Polish people really like to play with colors. This time “the rainbow” is not on the buildings, nor on illuminated windows. Now it is about a multimedia show at Wrocławska Fontanna, the largest fountain in Poland. I’ve been there twice and the shows were stunning. Even if it was raining, hundreds of people gathered there. And where people gather there is always place for advertising. Before the show there were projected some images on water drops and some advertising too, but I didn’t understand quite well the content because it was in Polish. Anyways it was not annoying at all, more than that it was nice to discover this kind of unconventional advertising.

The most recent show is “CZTERY ŻYWIOŁY”, which means “Four Elements”- Earth, Fire, Water, Wind. Apocalyptic music inspired by the soundrack of “How to train your dragon”, dancing lights, bouncing water, special lasers, everything was directed in a perfect harmony, it is an art to make it all work. Behind this project stand very tallented people. There are shows almost three times per week, from May to October, here you can find the schedule for the next period. During the cold season the fountain becomes a place for outdoor ice skating.


Love my colorful Wroclaw!